Teeth Whitening Methods and Prices?

Teeth whitening treatment is an aesthetic treatment method that has become popular in recent years. The color tone of the teeth can be affected by many factors.

These include consumption of food and drink, smoking, aging, and certain medications. The color of the teeth, although naturally white, may turn yellow over time. This can affect a person’s self-confidence and smile.


How many types of teeth whitening methods are there?

  • Home Type Teeth Whitening
  • Office Type Teeth Whitening
  • Single Teeth Whitening (Internal whitening of root canal treated teeth)
  • Combined Teeth Whitening
  • Zoom Whitening (Clinical whitening)

Teeth Whitening Methods at Home

At-home teeth whitening methods can be an inexpensive and easy option. Whitening toothpastes help remove stains on the surface of the teeth. Mouthwashes can also prevent bad breath while removing stains on teeth. Whitening strips quickly remove stains on the surface of the teeth. However, while these methods help teeth appear a few shades whiter, they are not as effective as professional teeth whitening procedures.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Methods

Teeth whitening methods applied in dental clinics provide faster and more effective results. Among these methods, there are methods such as laser teeth whitening, whitening gels, light therapy applied on the teeth. Your dentist will choose the most suitable method according to the condition of your teeth and your expectations.

Things to Consider Before Teeth Whitening Treatment

Before teeth whitening, it is important to clean your teeth and tell your dentist about sensitivity or other problems with your teeth.

If your teeth have fillings, bridges or crowns, these procedures must be completed before teeth whitening is performed. In addition, you can have a detailed discussion with your dentist about the teeth whitening process and learn about the possible side effects after the procedure.

Plan your treatment

What Should Be Considered After Teeth Whitening Treatment?

After teeth whitening, the sensitivity of your teeth may increase. Therefore, it is important to avoid hot or cold foods.
Also, try to keep your teeth away from staining substances such as cigarettes, coffee or tea. The way of brushing the teeth should be done as recommended by the dentist and regular dental cleaning should be done.


In Which Situations Is Teeth Whitening Treatment Not Applicable?

  • In female patients during pregnancy and lactation,
  • In patients with tooth decay, gum disease or sensitivity,
  • Those with abrasions on tooth enamel,
  • In patients with poor oral health

Teeth whitening treatment should not be applied. It is important to discuss these situations with the dentist and create an appropriate dental care plan.

Teeth Whitening Prices 2023

Teeth whitening prices vary according to the material used in the treatment and the tooth applied. Teeth whitening process varies between 1000 TL – 5000 TL on average.

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Are Teeth Whitening Methods Safe?

Teeth whitening methods are safe. However, side effects such as tooth sensitivity, pain or gum problems may occur as a result of misuse or unprofessional applications.

For this reason, teeth whitening treatment should be done by the dentist or the products recommended by the dentist should be used.

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Banu Uysal
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Banu Uysal