What Does a Transparent Plate Do? Here’s All the Curiosities

Transparent aligner is a modern dental treatment method used to solve a number of dental problems such as straightening teeth, closing gaps, whitening teeth, protecting teeth and eliminating bad breath.

Transparent plaque treatment can straighten the teeth when they are crooked, close the gaps between them, eliminate the stains on the teeth, protect them from squeezing, grinding or cracking, and eliminate bad breath.

Transparent plaque treatment is one of the most comfortable and modern methods for straightening teeth.

To Whom Is Transparent Plaque Treatment Applied?

Transparent plaque treatment can be performed in patients with dental alignment disorders and gaps between their teeth.

It is a method that patients of all age groups can easily choose. This treatment can be used in cases where the teeth are crooked or excessively spaced. Transparent plaque treatment has recently been much more preferred than traditional metal wires for the correction of teeth.

Do Transparent Plates Work?

The answer to this question would be definitely yes. Of course, there are many factors behind this yes answer. The share of the dentist who will apply transparent plaque treatment is quite high in this sense. Apart from this, the company producing the transparent plate and the quality of the plate are very important.

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How Many Months Is Transparent Dental Plaque Used?

The duration of use of transparent dental plaques may vary depending on the patient’s dental structure and the severity of the problem that needs to be corrected. Generally, clear dental plaques are used between 12-18 months to complete the corrections on the teeth. However, in some cases, the fix may take less time or take longer.

The dentist will give the patient the most accurate information about the usage period of the clear aligners after the examination. In addition, the success of the correction process depends on the regular and correct use of the plates. In order for clear aligners to be used successfully, they must be removed and cleaned regularly. Therefore, it is very important that you follow the instructions given to you by the dentist.

Prof. Dr. Tancan Uysal
Prof. Dr. Tancan Uysal