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What is Smile Design?

Smile design has recently started to attract a lot of attention besides oral care. Aesthetic problems arise as a result of dental caries, abnormal discoloration, gingival diseases or irregularities in the tooth alignment. Many of these can leave a person insecure and prevent them from laughing. Of course, it is very important that the person does not have a dental problem, that is, to have healthy teeth and gums. However, the person may be uncomfortable with their teeth due to shape, color or proportion problems. The aesthetic anxiety of the patients in this situation can be eliminated by making a smile design.

Well, if we explain what this design means; This design is the process of creating a natural and beautiful appearance as possible, taking into account the person’s facial shape, and renovating the teeth that spoil the aesthetic appearance. This procedure is a multidisciplinary treatment approach in which several treatments are used together.

Why don’t you like your smile?

Communication between the dentist and the patient takes place with the examinations made before the digital smile design. Here, notes are taken about why the person does not like his/her smile and the codes of the smile he/she imagines are revealed.

Many people have problems with laughing due to poor dental aesthetics. Whit this program, dental aesthetics is designed in the most appropriate way for the person’s facial profile and the application is made in a way that creates an aesthetic smile perception. At this stage, photos of the person smiling are taken and transferred to the digital field.


Important Factors in Smile Design

If we list the most important factors in the creation of the smile design:

  • the gender of the person,
  • Age,
  • face profile,
  • character
  • It is their personal expectations in smile aesthetics.

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What Should Be Considered While Designing a Smile?​

As Smile İzmir, the most important point ,that we pay attention to, is the health of the patient. Taking this as a priority, we need to create healthy, straight teeth and smiles as much as possible without creating aesthetic concerns in the direction of the individual’s desire.

The symmetry of the gums and their appearance as needed is one of the important points. In addition, another important detail is that the joint boundaries of the gums are not visible.

Treatments Applied in Smile Design​

How is Smile Design Applied?

First, after a measurement is made, the appropriate treatment plan is started. After the treatment plan, if the cells of an orthodontic organ are not hearing, the level in the gums is largely corrected. If there are missing teeth, they are completed with their placement, that is, with implant or surgical applications. At the end of the surgical procedures, if there is a community need during the recovery period, teeth whitening is started. After completing this stage, the existing gaps in the teeth are closed with the help of fillings, or if the filling is insufficient, porcelain laminate or zirconium veneers are placed.

During all these applications, the idea of ​​heaven is taken into consideration along with the rehearsals, and the final point is reached in the targeted design. Sometimes lip fillers or face fillers can be added to these smile designs.


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Detecting the best smile

With the calculations made on the program, the design work for the best smile begins. In this process, calculations are made by taking into account the wishes and dreams of the patient. Temporary prostheses prepared with the data obtained later are applied to the patient and the smile of the person is seen in advance before proceeding to the treatment that will get the actual result. Photographs in which the patient smiles are taken again and a second evaluation is made.

After everything is as desired, smile aesthetics starts to be applied with fixed prosthesis application. Depending on the patient’s tooth structure, the method of application may vary. This is a solution that will be fulfilled entirely according to the patient’s condition and the doctor’s diagnosis. After the treatment, it allows the person to have the desired smile, gain self-confidence and smile freely in social environments.

Solving the problem of not being able to smile, which can cause important psychological problems for people, with the application of digital smile design, is beginning to spread as an important application that increases the quality of life of the person. Smile styles obtained by expert dentists with an artistic attitude allow the person to have a unique smile.

Tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc., which will leave color on your teeth immediately after the composite process. It is useful to stay away from food and drinks for a day or two. You should pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of your teeth and repeat the brushing and mouthwash processes regularly.

Which Problems Does Smile Design Eliminate?

  • Problems in tooth color
  • Disfiguring the gums
  • Defects in the alignment of teeth
  • Irregular spaces between teeth
  • Lost teeth
  • Facial shape deformations
  • Incompatibilities in tooth lengths
  • Broken and cracked tooth structures

Which Treatments Does Smile Design Include?

  • Tooth whitening
  • Pink aesthetic
  • Zirconium or porcelain veneers
  • Bonding
  • Basic orthodontic treatments
  • Lamina porcelains
  • Shaping lip contours
  • Implant

Criteria in Designing a Smile

  • Gingival health
  • Interdental closure
  • Tooth axis
  • Zenith points – Balance at gingival levels Level of interdental contact
  • Relative tooth dimensions
  • Tooth form
  • Tooth characterization
  • Surface structure
  • Color
  • Incisal edge configuration
  • Lower lip line
  • Smile symmetry


Of course, since our smile is a gesture we make on our face, it is important in smile design as it will also affect the face shape.

Rehearsal sessions are held. Because it is of great importance for the person to express the points that he does not like, or if he likes it, to get it approved and move on to the next step. Even if there are points that he does not like, they can be changed and corrected as desired.
It is extremely important that the gums are symmetrical and appear as needed.

Tooth fractures can be corrected with an aesthetic design. Gums appear healthier than they are. The colors of the teeth will be clearer. The colors of the teeth become one tone. More natural looking teeth are obtained.

Toothpastes containing fluoride should be used that do not corrode after the design. Brushing the teeth once a day is not enough. It should be brushed 3 times a day and cleaned between the teeth with dental floss.

The applied smile designs are completed in approximately 6 to 15 days. There are also applications that are completed in 5 days when there is no complication or plus. This of course varies according to the person’s mouth structure, structure and other factors.

Facial aesthetic applications applied by experienced and expert dentists change a person’s life throughout their life. In short, the application is a permanent process.

Izmir Smile Design ​

Smile design applications in Izmir are carried out by expert dentists using all technological equipment. In terms of price, there are many different treatments that are suitable for the economic conditions of the person. You can comfortably start your treatment in Smile İzmir for a treatment to be performed by suitable, reliable and fully expert dentists.

Smile Design Prices

Prices vary according to the number of teeth treated and the mouth structure and tissue of the person. You can contact us for the most affordable smile design processes in Izmir. You can fill out a form and send us the necessary points. And we can direct you to the doctor who will give you the best treatment.

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