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Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaque; Clear aligners are a reliable treatment method in about 20 years of research. Transparent plaques can notice external organs. Even those closest to you (friends, soldiers) will be forced to be noticed. It is possible to put on and take off when desired. It is a painless treatment method. Pain, aches and pain sensations are definitely not encountered in metal wires.

There is no aesthetic observation like metal or transparent braces with Transparent Plaques. You can continue without worrying about your family, work, social and life. In particular, it prevents the traces of souls experienced by young people and young people in the treatment of dental crookedness.

Orthodontic interventions are made in the mouth thanks to the plaque layers covering the teeth. It is an easy-to-use hospital bed with transparent plates that can be easily removed and inserted, with its soft structure, and it is a very aesthetic examination tool with its completely transparent structure.

How to Prepare Transparent Plates?


The dentist takes measurements from the mouth. It transfers this information to the computer with the three-dimensional scanning method.

The treatment plan scenario of the movement of the teeth is obtained on the computer. The treatment route is determined according to these scenarios. The desired tooth molds are removed from the three-dimensional printer. A flexible transparent plate is applied on these molds.

A plate suitable for each step is prepared for the path to be covered in the treatment stages. Thus, the plates to be used in the treatment are prepared.


How to Use Plates?

Transparent plaques are placed on the teeth, they cover the teeth and move the teeth in the desired direction as long as they are in the mouth. The use of the plate is in the form of placing it in the mouth, removing it in activities such as eating, drinking, brushing teeth, using dental floss. In other words, the person can remove and put the record himself. He himself uses the record as a part of his daily life.

When Does The Treatment Start After Measuring?

Considering the entry of the information into the computer after the measurements are taken and the preparation time of the molds, transparent plates are obtained after about two weeks. In other words, the plates are taken after two weeks and placed in the mouth and the treatment is started.

How Does The Treatment Process Progress With Transparent Plates?

Unlike normal orthodontic treatment in transparent aligners, brackets are produced by 3D printers for the person himself. As long as the plaques are in the mouth, they direct the teeth towards the desired movement. The plate is changed every 15 days and at each change, that is, with each new plate, the teeth are advanced in the desired direction in a planned manner.

During the treatment, patients can easily remove the plates themselves, it is quite simple, they use a plate for about 20 hours a day, about two weeks after using the plate, the plate of the next step is given to be used. They use this plaque in the same way for 20 hours a day for two weeks.

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Transparent Plaque Treatment Prices

The price varies a lot depending on the size of the problem in the mouth and the number of plates to be used, whether it is lower, upper or lower-upper jaw. To give an average price, it is in the range of 23000 – 38000 TL. After scanning the mouth with a digital three-dimensional camera, showing your treatment simulation, and determining the number of plaques, a clear information about the price and duration can be given.

What is the Treatment Time in Transparent Plate Use?

Average treatment time, about 60% of problems end in eight to ten months. The remaining 40% may end with twelve to fourteen months of treatment. There are also rare cases that last a maximum of 16-18 months.

Advantages of Transparent Plates

İzmir stands out with its transparent plaque treatment advantages. Here are the advantages of clear plaque treatment:

Superior oral hygiene

It is very difficult to maintain oral hygiene with braces. It is difficult to clean the food residues that get on the brackets after each meal. Toothbrushes alone are not enough to clean the food that gets on or between the braces. Additional cleaning aids such as interface brushes, special threads, etc. are needed. Oral hygiene is provided quite easily in transparent plates. It is sufficient to remove the transparent plaques from the mouth, clean the normal teeth and apply dental floss.

Easy to use

The use of clear plates does not require any special handling. It is very easy to use. You can remove the transparent plaques from the set prepared only in a series and put them on your teeth, and the treatment begins.


Transparent aligners fit your teeth tightly but comfortably and try to shape them and put them in their right place. You may experience a slight tightening in the first days, but after your teeth get used to your clear aligners, there will be a problem-free orthodontic treatment process.

Quick results

Traditional braces take between 12 and 18 months to work effectively and straighten your teeth. The rupture and breakage of the braces, the deterioration of the wings and properties of the brackets continuously prolongs the treatment period. Transparent aligners start to give results in less than 6 months and orthodontic treatment is completed in 5-6 months shorter than braces in total time.

No dietary restrictions with Transparent Plates

Consumption of many foods is prohibited in orthodontic treatment with braces. Hard foods break the brackets, break them. One of the biggest advantages of wearing clear aligners for teeth is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining a particular diet. You can easily remove the plates while eating and put them back on after eating.

Sports Activities – Use of musical instruments

When traditional metal brackets were the only option for straightening teeth, some teens and adults felt their quality of life had declined. They needed to watch what they ate, to avoid foods on the braces blacklist. If they played a woodwind, this hobby was put on hold until the end of treatment, and there were ample warnings of the dangers to those involved in the sport. When Invisalign clear aligners were introduced, they were a game changer for musicians, foodies, and sports enthusiasts. It has been reported that sports can be performed safely with Invisalign clear aligners, and musical instruments can be used by removing or attaching them.

Customized solution

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any treatment, and clear aligners effectively follow this concept. Each patient has their own customized plaques designed and produced in three dimensions to fit their teeth and for treatment.

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Treatment Process of Transparent Plaques

  • With computerized tomography, the image of your teeth is taken
  • The movements of your teeth are predicted with computer-aided design software
  • If necessary, your treatment plan will be reviewed.
  • Molds of your mouth are taken at every stage of treatment
  • Transparent trimmers are made
  • Each trimmer is worn for about two weeks.

The director of our clinics in our Smile İzmir Aesthetic Dental Clinic Orthodontics unit, Prof. Dr. Tancan UYSAL and his team present the most appropriate treatment option to our patients after the clinical examination and are treated according to the preferences of our patients.

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Plaque has many advantages over braces. All the movements made are determined primarily in three-dimensional simulations. After that, the amount of unwanted movement is very low, there is not much risk, there is no finding that it causes less damage to the teeth or more damage to the teeth than braces.

They are quite transparent at this point. They have an aesthetic appearance, from the outside, it cannot be understood whether the treatment of the user continues, the treatment or the process of the treatment.

Since the patient is produced individually, there is no problem. It does not disrupt social life, someone using transparent plates can easily continue their natural behaviors such as laughing and talking in society. He does not cover his mouth with his hand while speaking. While the picture is taken, he does not laugh so that his wires are not visible, he continues to live easily in the natural flow of life, he is in a treatment process, but the quality of life does not decrease.

Since it can be removed in meals, it can be eaten easily, this is one of the biggest advantages compared to strings. The other big advantage is that cleaning is much easier. While it is difficult to clean the food entering the teeth in the wires, the transparent plaques can be removed, so the user can easily clean all their teeth. The biggest advantages of the use of plaque are that it does not affect social life with its aesthetic appearance and that the desired foods can be consumed and dental hygiene can be achieved easily. During the treatment process, when the clinic comes to the clinic, plate changes are made in a short time, since there will be no treatment applications such as wire adjustment, tightening, change as in metal brackets, the time spent in the clinic is considerably less than the wires.

If the treatment is suitable, a few plates can be given to the patient and the process can be given to him / her, the time to come to the clinic is reduced, the patient can use the plates one after the other if the treatment is appropriate. they apply as much force as necessary to the desired areas.

When transparent plate users first put on the plate, there may be a slight increase in their saliva secretion, and a slurred speech can be seen during the adjustment process. We can count it as a disadvantage that it is more costly than fixed brackets.

There are cases when the wire breaks or comes off in metal brackets. In these cases, you go to the clinic and the dentist places the wire. Clinical visits are essential in such possible scenarios. Transparent plaque user undergoes a more independent treatment process, not dependent on the dentist. He / she should write only control appointments in his / her agenda, as he / she does not have to go to the clinic when he / she is sick or busy, and he / she does not have to have extra clinic visits. The question asked by the patients using metal brackets in almost every examination is when the braces will be removed, whereas in invisalign technology, patients do not worry about the duration of the treatment.

Another disadvantage is that the gums can be injured when the braces are broken, stinging or stinging due to metal devices or wires in the mouth. There is a situation of injury, mostly a physician’s intervention is required, such situations are not seen in plaques, the situation that needs to be intervened is very rare, it does not disturb the teeth and gums. Compared to the treatment applied with braces, it offers a more comfortable use and a painless treatment process without wounds.It is a more painless and painless process compared to treatment with metal brackets.

It can be used easily in all age groups. There is no age limit for invisalign use. Children, teenagers and adults can use transparent plates. The important thing is to use the plate regularly in cooperation with the physician.

Excessive consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes can cause yellowing of the plaques. However, since the plates are changed after 15 days, no effort is required to correct the color. However, there may be situations where your teeth need to be cleaned in sessions by paying a fee in fixed orthodontic treatment.

Before starting the treatment, a dental examination should be done and the necessary filling process, tartar cleaning, decays should be cleaned, and oral care should be done. Such procedures are not performed after the treatment is started. However, prosthetic procedures such as implants are left after the treatment.

Transparent plaque treatment can be applied before the orthognathic surgery operation and the problems in the mouth after the operation are eliminated.

Previously, Invisalign was a more costly treatment method. Only one firm did this job, it was more expensive, today the prices are more affordable, it has an affordable cost. Still, it is more costly than wires, but there is no gap in between.

Here, advantage and disadvantage comparison should be included in the cost calculation. Invisalign is a bit more costly but much more aesthetic and much easier to use.

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