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Teeth Grinding and Tooth Squeezing (Bruxism)

Stress is an inevitable reality with every problem experienced in daily life. Stress can cause different reactions in each person. Tooth grinding is one of these reactions. Bruxism, called tooth grinding, can be experienced during the day and is among the problems that people often experience, especially when they are asleep at night.

In addition to the harmonious contact of the teeth with each other, some antidepressant drugs are among the causes of teeth grinding. Bruxism is also seen in individuals who are extremely irritable, sensitive, and meticulous in addition to stress. As with any disease, early diagnosis is important in tooth grinding. Irreversible damage to teeth and surrounding tissues may occur during each period of time.


How to Understand Teeth Grinding?

As a result of tooth grinding, problems such as fractures and abrasions may occur at the ends of the teeth and neck regions or in some teeth. Especially in foods that are hard to chew and hard, a feeling of tiredness occurs quickly in the jaw. Problems such as earlobes and headaches are frequently encountered. Since the tongue is bitten unnoticed, tooth marks may be noticeable.


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What Are the Damages of Teeth Grinding?

Small or deep fractures occur in the teeth. Severe head and ear pains reduce the quality of life. Even teeth without any decay may have to undergo root canal treatment or break due to force during grinding.

How Is Tooth Grinding Treated?

Tooth grinding is an easy to treat. The main purpose of the clenching treatment is to ensure the equal and balanced distribution of the forces coming to the teeth. First of all, the restorations of the teeth, as well as the treatment of broken and decayed teeth in the mouth should be completed. If the prosthesis is seen as gray, the renewal process of the prostheses that are not fully closed or distorting the closure is completed.

Jaw exercises may be recommended during the treatment according to the patient’s condition. Pain medication or muscle relaxants are also an ideal treatment option. After the problems that occur in the teeth are treated, a night plaque that can be used comfortably while sleeping at night can be recommended.

If you have problems such as teeth grinding and tooth thightening, the most appropriate treatment option in our Profs Aesthetic Dental Clinic Orthodontics, Surgery and Prosthodontics units Afterwards, they are presented to our patients and treated according to the preference of our patients.